Welcome to Travel Partners, Australia’s dynamic, independent travel agency. At Travel Partners we are committed to the best travel experiences tailored for you.

Taking care of your travel

Your local Travel Partner is first and foremost a ‘people person’. We don’t just book things and send you on your way, we take the time and effort to understand your personality, your situation and your travel requirements.

By gaining a real understanding of what you’re looking for, we can then plan your travel to be all you want it to be, making sure everything goes smoothly and without any unexpected pitfalls.

Our knowledge means you can relax confident that we have looked after all the little things (many you may not even consider when you are away from home) so you can appreciate the important things i.e. your holiday.

Passionate about travel

Every Travel Partner is passionate about travel having gained their extensive travel knowledge and expertise through years of first-hand experience (not from travel brochures), and if they don’t know…they will consult their national network of fellow Travel Partners.

Experiences that are beyond expectations

Every Travel Partner has a simple aim; for you to have a travel experience that is above and beyond your expectations.

At Travel Partners we believe the best travel experiences not only include the trip itself, but also the research, booking process and preparation.

To achieve this, every Travel Partner is totally committed to going the extra mile, to being flexible in their approach and diligent in their pursuit of leaving no-stone-unturned in order to provide you with an outstanding travel experience.

With Travel Partners you can rest assured you’re dealing with experts who have the best support, systems and industry backing.



Travel Partners has taken steps to ensure all its customers are protected by TAIFI (Travel Agents & Intermediaries Failure Insurance), providing customers with total peace of mind that their money is protected when they book through Travel Partners. Travel partners also provide insurance for ATAS accredited Wholesaler collapse – including charge back. TAIFI (Travel Agents & Intermediaries Failure Insurance) a product offered by International Passenger Protection Limited through Gow Gates and Insured by Liberty International Underwriters for ATAS participants only and provides cover against their insolvency.